FAB Listed Cattery

Ashdown Cattery

Terms and Conditions

Charges are calculated to include the day of arrival and the day of departure.
This is for the essential washing down and disinfecting of chalets, runs etc.

Cats boarded for more than one month may qualify for special discounts.

Payments of fees should be made at time of departure, or in the case of long term boarding, monthly.

In the event of owners returning before the end of the period for which the cat is booked the full period will still be charged.

Public liability insurance is provided, however it is advisable to ensure that cats are insured by owners for accident or illness.

All bookings will only be confirmed when received with the necessary deposit.
Deposit is non-refundable if cancelled.

Two weeks notice is required for cancelled bookings or full payment will apply.


All cats must have been immunised against Infectious Feline Enteritis- and Cat Flu and a valid inoculation certificate must be produced on arrival.