Louise and Ian welcome you to our website about our family run cattery, which has been established for 32 years, we offer warm, clean, comfortable and a friendly stay for your cat, so that they enjoy their holiday as much as you will enjoy yours. We are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.


We welcome owners to view the cattery before the cats arrive if they wish, please call to arrange an appointment.


All our chalets are full height, fully insulated and have thermostatically controlled heat lamps in their living quarters. Each run has an elevated position for your cat to sit or lay and watch our free range chickens and ducks wonder around the landscaped gardens.

Hygiene and security are of the most importance to us, only cats from the same family are allowed to share a chalet, and a safety corridor in case any escape artists sneak past whilst we enter their runs.

A plastic cat bed is supplied but we encourage owners to bring familiar bedding, scratch posts etc to make them feel at home.


All types of food are provided and individual likes and dislikes can be catered for. We use well-known high quality products such as Whiskas, Felix, Science Plan and Iams.
Meals are regular – adult cats are fed twice a day, with kittens and older cats according to their individual requirements. All ages of cats are catered for.
Fresh Water is always available.
If you have special Requirements, please fill in the appropriate box on the booking form, which you will receive when your booking dates have been confirmed.

Immunisation and Medication

If your cat requires any medication, we can administer it for you during their stay. All medication must be clearly labelled with the cats name and the correct dosage, frequency, etc.
In order to safeguard the health and safety of all cats staying with us, your cat must be immunised against intestinal Feline Enteritis, feline leukemia and Cat Flu, wormed and be up to date with flea treatment.
You must produce an up to date inoculation certificate, which must be left with your cat during their stay.

We will also need to know the date of the last flea and worm treatment and brand used.